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Want to post more effective online classified ads? Learn more about some of the tips & tricks for making your online classifieds stand out for an interested audience.

Online classified advertising is more popular than ever as an effective and free marketing resource for online promotions & commerce. However, not all online classified ads are created equally.

Our experts at A Classified Marketplace have compiled a list of the most important considerations to take into account when creating effective online classifieds that will stand out from the crowd.

Browse the recommendations below and visit A Classified Marketplace today to create your free promotional listings!

Make your title headline grab the attention of your viewers.

When crafting your classified advertisement title, be sure to be descriptive with keywords that specifically relate to your ad and which provide better search results for interested parties.

Use popular search engines to do quick research on the item you are selling or promoting and write a descriptive headline that is short enough to keep people interested in your ad at a quick glance using keywords and phrases that accurately describe your promotion.

Use titles as a lead-in to get people to read further about what you have to offer. In accordance with this practice, make sure your title does not get too lengthy and off topic; stay on focus with what you have to offer to interested parties.

Highlight some of the important variables that will be of immediate interest to interested individuals. Some of the variables that you will want to focus on include: Color, Size, Price, Condition, Location and much more.

Here’s one example of an effective and attention grabbing headline:

Pristine Red Ferrari - 1975 - $25,000 OBO
Expand on your title with an accurate, specific description.

Share the details of your specific listing within the description field for your classified ad. In the description field, outline the specifics of your listing in more detail by using text to paint an accurate picture of the item or promotion that you are creating online.

Be sure to include all the variables that would be of value for potential visitors to your classified posting. Describe the condition of your item in more depth or provide links to examples online so that your visitor can learn more about what you are offering and promoting.

On A Classified Marketplace, be sure to use HTML with the ad description area to provide visitors with links to your product, business or organization. Additionally, if at all possible add photos to the description area of the listing with HTML to give visitors to your online classified a more complete picture of what you have to offer to the local community.

Provide Accurate Location information for any applicable listing.

Are you promoting a local service or business with your listing? How can customers find you?

Be sure to include accurate location information for any classified listing that promotes a brick and mortar establishment.

Here at A Classified Marketplace, we have made inputting and mapping location variables within your classified listing a simple process. Simply input your location variables within the specific fields in the ad creation process and elect to map the location in your classified listing.

In this manner, businesses can pinpoint their specific locations for interested visitors to their classified listing, thus providing more efficient promotions for store promotions, new product sales and much more!

Include photos with your classified listing to attract visitor attention.

With the plethora of classified listings available online today, you want to give your listing every opportunity possible to stand out from the crowd. One way to do this is to use images of your product, business, or promotion to provide give visitors a feel for what our ad is about and why they should click on it to learn more.

However, not all pictures are created equal. Be sure that the pictures that you elect to promote your listing are of a good quality and are large enough to provide your visitors with the ability to easily view your item with ease on their computer or mobile phone screen.

At A Classified Marketplace, you are invited to post up to 5 images with every free ad! Choose photos that will help to promote your listing online!

Include photos with your listing to attract visitor attention.

If a visitor can’t get in touch with you, what’s the point of posting a classified advertisement online?

Be sure to double-check variables such as your email address, phone number & website address in your classified ads.

Did you remember to include your area code? Is your email address spelled correctly? Did you test the link that you posted to your website to make sure it directs visitors to the correct location that you intended?

Once your have a visitor interested, be sure that your contact details provide for quick and easy methods of communication with you.

Attach coupons for current promotions.

Are you currently offering a special promotion?

Attach coupons and discount codes to your classified listing to encourage traffic to visit your business or website with the intention of saving money over other offerings currently on the market.

At A Classified Marketplace, we recognize the popularity and effectiveness of coupons and discounts as an online marketing tool. As such, we have included an optional, specific coupon attachment section with every free listing for our visitors. Use this section to promote your freshest discounts and promotions, with the ability for visitors to easily print your coupons to bring to your business establishment.

Be reasonable & realistic with your pricing.

Are you pricing your used tennis racket like a new one?

Remember that online classified visitors are looking for a deal!

Be realistic and reasonable with your pricing to encourage visitors to contact you about your product, service or organization. Have you set a price that makes sense in the current economy? Are you inline with other quotes that you have seen for your item on other outline outlets?

Encourage visitors to connect with you on your classified ads by providing an equitable starting point for negotiation or sale of your promoted listing.